Friday, April 1, 2011

The Gateway to This Castle

Welcome to my blog, whether ye be human, elf, dwarf, fae, goblin, gwar, dinosaur, chordate, invertebrate- er, nevermind. I think I'm getting a little too specific. Hehe. Though I must add, the only things that aren't really aloud are wisps. Beware them.
Ugh! I'm getting off topic! What I mean to say is Welcome. Greetings. Put it anyway you like, but please get yourself a seat and make yourself at home, for you will be here a long time. I think. Let me rephrase that. I hope you will be here a long time.
I will be posting mainly drawings, photos, maybe videos, and just posts of... Stuff.
Watch out for medieval spies lurking behind doors with swords drawn, because I can tell you now, they don't enjoy the presence of visitors.

Thank you for coming to my blog!


  1. Awesome blog Hark!

    -Aarathyn Arvell

  2. *looks around nervously for a medieval spy lurking behind a door with a sword drawn*

    The Golux

  3. Why aren't wisps allowed?*sniffs* I am a wisp, but I am a good wisp! I fully support the Elves against the Spider King!*feels left out* *cries in a corner**Stops crying and does the funky chicken*

    Your friend, a wisp, and TheMindReader.

  4. HARK!!! Welcome to bloggosphere!!! (at least that's what I call it :P ) It's AWeSOMENESS to see that you have a blog now!! Haha, excellent! I'm excited to read :D

    Signed with feathered sunflowers,


  5. What? You're kicking me out? Aww. That's not very nice... *sniff* :'(


    Welcome welcome WELCOME!!!! Thine blog is awesome already :)