Friday, April 1, 2011

Pet Intro

Here is an introduction to our beloved pets:

This is our fat and lazy miniature schnauzer, Jack. He can be obnoxious at some moments, then others, he is as snuggly as a kitten. (Are kittens snuggly?) Anyway, we love our dog. Very much.

Now for the parakeets: Hark is on the left, and Hank is on the right.
I will start with Hark. She is very ferocious and vicious, and bites really hard. She is the younger of the two, and not matter how hard she bites, I will love her. So much. I love her little black eyes. I think she likes Hank more than I like her, though. Hehe. She still squabbles with him though, when they fight to escape my intruding hand in their cage.
Hank is pretty willing to be picked up, and the only thing he wants to bite is fingernails. Why fingernails? Why not the cuttlebone? Oh, well. He's adorable. He has his wings clipped (by myself), and it is really fun to take him out of the cage for a birdbath.
Sweet birdies.

Well, those are our pets! Expect to see plenty more from them...


  1. Hehe, fun pets! :P
    Your dog sound cute ;)

  2. Cute birds!

    -Aarathyn Arvell