Monday, October 1, 2012

Some nails. For fun. :)

Well, I guess the title says it all. ^_^ Enjoy! :)

Mario Mushroom! :D

More Mario nails! (Left to right) A wanna-be star, M-is-for-Mario (:D), Life Mushroom, and a fail of a coin. <_< Oh well.

Avengers Logo on my older sister's nails. Some of you may know her as Whisper.

Iron man - it's sloppy, I know. It was my first try, and it was midnight. Bad lighting, too.

Iron man in a different lighting! 'Cause it makes such a difference. ;)

Thor. A lesson on Thor: Thor is boring. No one likes Thor. He has no logo. Thor is dumb.

Reeeaaallly sloppy Captain America shield. It was past midnight. XD

This was supposed to be a crosshair for Hawkeye. Meff.

Avengers, hand 1! :D

Avengers, hand 2! (left to right) Um... Nick Fury the fail with sparkly skin, Hulk fist, Black widow, Loki's helmet, and the logo again. It's all sloppy around the edges 'cause they were just put on.

All of the Avengers, and more. :) Huzzah!

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  1. These are way to cool!!! Love them!!!

    - Leauphaun