Monday, October 1, 2012

School and stuff

School has started. So far, so good. I loooovee math class. That is veerrry unusual, folks. And strangely enough, I don't really like English. Oh well. I have some pictures of my school, but there are people in it and I have no idea if they'd like to be on my blog. <_< :D So instead, I decided to put a picture of Jack  on here! Hehe. 
Finally, the finished version of Steampunk-ish-I-wish pilot girl.

Close view to see her clock eyes! :)

Random Girl. <_<

Jack. :3


Looking up at a rotten tree stump.

Across the river!

Moss Spore Capsules. And stuff. :D

A very, very thorny stem. Very.

Looking along a bridge... There's a mushroom! :D

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