Sunday, July 3, 2011

Out Hiking

Hail! I realize I have written a post on spring (although a short one), and the thought has entered my mind that I should write one on summer. However, I don't have any spectacular shots quite yet, but these are a few in very late spring, I believe. (I wish that these were mine, however. This was probably my sister)

So my 'cousin' (a.k.a. good friend) was marching through the woods, with myself behind him. We ran into a snake, which quickly gathered everyone else in our group. I stayed my distance. Hehe. So our 'cousin' (of course, as first thought) put his hand right next to the snake and was promptly bitten. Heh. I later found, however, that it was a Common Garter Snake. Harmless.

This here is an artistic photo of a snail found in
some rotting wood. The Golux took it.

Our beautiful hiking trail...


  1. Cool photos! (even though I know you didn't take them) And that looks like a cool hike too!

  2. Love it, Hark! And yes, it was me who took all those pictures. :) Hehe.

    ~The Golux