Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mei Lin

Greetings! I am back! I have been on vacation, you see. Here is a blog post on my new cousin from China.

Her name is Mei Lin, and she has a cleft palate. (Or a cleft lip; I can't recall which one) However, she is one of the sweetest babies I have seen, and she's really smiley and interactive.

My aunt and uncle found out she had been in a foster home for a few months. (I think months... I'm still not quite sure. I've only seen her 2-3 times) Having a foster home was an amazing blessing from God, because she is wanting to walk, she can sit up, and she has nicely developed muscles.
While we were in the restaurant (Fuddruckers; yum!), she would pull out her barrette and hand it to us (or drop it on the floor), and have us put it back in her hair.

Here (second picture) she is trying to find her hair clip to give it to us. She still couldn't seem to figure out we moved the barrette to different places.

Here are a couple more pictures:


  1. Aww!! She's ADORABLE!! Give her a great big hug for me!!

  2. Sweet likkle Mei Lin. I luffs her. <3

  3. Awww!! She's so, CUTE!!!!! <3 :D

    ditto to sarah! :D

  4. She is adorable! YOu are so blessed to have a new cousin!

  5. Love the pictures of your adorable cousin and am so impressed at your blog! Love ya!!

  6. She's super, mind-boggling, toe-twisting something cute. :D Great that you have a new cousin!!

    I know a few people with cleft lip/palate.

    Oh, to say it once more, SHE IS ADORABLE. :O


  7. Mei Lin! *throws a party*