Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Parakeets growing

Gack! I'm so sorry I've kept you so un-updated! I've been busy with school, and when I got around to doing this, I was unable to access the pictures. D:
Here are some more pics:

Tink hatched! :D

Mommy and baby! :)

The four babies... Just guess which one is Halo. ;)

Halo getting her feathers.

The youngest, Millard. (Millard, if you're reading this, I apologize greatly if you don't like having parakeets named after you) ;)

Halo, a bit older.

A lovely view of Faith's backside as she crawls through a toilet paper roll.

Halo perching! Finally! :D

Halo out of the nesting box...

All the babies with feathers, but not full grown.

Faith and Millard, the youngest, and also buddies. :)

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! Love the names, too...

    MILLARD! Gotta love it.

    And yes, Tink! Tink is...awesome. With an awesome name. ^_^ Black carriage, anyone?