Saturday, August 13, 2011

Foofy Baby

Innocent Muffin, so sweet, so fat!
Diligent Muffin waits at the door,
He knows we'll come back.

A longing gaze cast towards the camera.
Please let me out,
I want a tomato!, Baby Bundle cries.
Only the finest for the Pup,
He selects only red tomatoes.

Likkle Puppy stares down the
Is that their van? Dad's car?
Waits all day long.
And he is rewarded with pats-a-plenty.

So heroic, so brave!
He even scares the birds away!
Noble bundle, protecting the seeds!
We never have anything to fear.

The world at his paws!
Or, perhaps just the carpet,
but the dust mites in the carpet are his kingdom!
He rules the floor of our house!
Oh Vacuum Cleaner!
Oh Mop/broom!
Our floor is never dirty after dinner.

A dust mite's view of his noble king,
Staring kindly down onto the soft, carpety kingdom.
*wipes tear* So noble.

Innocent Muffin,
Cherished Pup,
Baby Bean,
Likkle Puppy,
Baby Bundle,
Foofy Baby.


  1. Koo-hoo!! He's such a choild! Wait wait wait wait wait wait. You said INOCENT Muffin. Beep! Wrong! You must have meant Mischievous Muffin. :) Thanks for posting more, Hark!


  2. This is an absolutely beautiful poem. :| Fantastic pictures; hilarious words! Well-done, well-done, I say, Hark! XD


  3. awww foofy baby :D hes soooo cute :)