Sunday, May 8, 2011

Radience of the Clouds

The sky looked so enchanting from my window. Pictures cannot capture the beauty, but I tried.

I was tracking a turkey vulture. It was amazing. Sometimes, the sky looks so... So... High. I know it is so vague, but I watch birds go so high. So, so high. Oftentimes I wish I was a bird. To see the world from those heights... An airplane just wouldn't do. I want to use my own wings, my own feathers, to glide far above those houses far, far below.

If only.


  1. Yes! I know the feeling. One of my goals is to get my pilot's liscence so I can be up there and go through the clouds.

  2. I agree with you! Your sky pictures look so similar to how the sky looks at our place right now. Big fluffy clouds (however ours are pretty dark and angry looking...I think they're going to cry). I too wish I were a bird; the way they fly about and dive and soar...oh dear me, it makes me want to do the same! I'm sure the experience would be worth the pain (for I'm certain it would be painful to build up those shoulder and arm muscles XD).


  3. *echoes Hark* If only.